Elisabeth Bone


Liz graduated in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge and was awarded a PhD in Biochemistry/Molecular Pharmacology from Sheffield University. She held various postdoctoral positions in the UK (Birmingham and Manchester) and US (NIH and Yale) before moving into the pharma/biotech industry, initially at British Biotech, where she held a number of research roles ranging from high-throughput screening to in vivo pharmacology. Following a brief spell at Avidex, Liz joined Chroma Therapeutics at its inception, working, primarily, in pre-clinical development. She also put in place the systems and processes necessary for a company working in a GxP environment and was responsible for setting up and running Chroma’s first clinical trial. Liz joined Karus in 2013 as Head of Biology, and switched to preclinical development when the company’s first candidate molecule moved into development. In this role, Liz has been responsible for providing the ADME and CMC packages for the two molecules for which INDs have been opened, and has had a key role in generating the regulatory submission documents.