Bridget Lacey

Head of Business Development

Bridget joined Karus as Head of Business Development in 2019. With a BSc in Psychology from the University of Durham, she qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young. Bridget has subsequently spent more than 20 years, including five in Asia, in corporate finance and business development roles across the healthcare sector (including pharmaceuticals, biotech, life sciences, diagnostics, devices and vaccines). She has extensive experience driving strategic portfolio and investment decisions across organisations; leading partnering activities, finance raising and deal structuring, managing deal execution processes (diligence, negotiation support, integration planning) and business / asset divestments.

In addition to her role at Karus, Bridget is Chief Business Officer at VHsquared Limited, a VC-backed clinical stage company developing Vorabodies™ (oral domain antibodies) for inflammatory bowel disease. Previously, she has worked at GSK, Chiron Vaccines (subsequently Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics), GE Healthcare and ViroPharma (then Shire) across a broad range of therapeutic and disease areas.