Karus CSO to present at three industry conferences

Chilworth, UK – 17 August 2009 – Innovative pharmaceutical company Karus Therapeutics Ltd has today announced that the company’s CSO, Dr Stephen Shuttleworth, will be making presentations at three key conferences in the coming weeks.

In September, Dr Shuttleworth will be speaking at the Bio2Business meeting in London, UK. His presentation, entitled “Lead optimization strategies: successful approaches to lead optimization in a virtual R&D environment”, will highlight the success of Karus’s approach to building a semi-virtual team of contract research and development organizations which has enabled the company to make significant R&D progress in a short space of time.

In early November, Dr Shuttleworth will be presenting at CHI’s third annual HDAC inhibitor meeting in Boston, MA. During this presentation, Dr Shuttleworth will be presenting the most recent data in Karus’s innovative rheumatoid arthritis program, which shows that the company’s histone deacetylase inhibitors (HDIs) are highly efficacious and well-tolerated at very low and intermittent doses in collagen-induced arthritis models.

At the end of November, Dr Shuttleworth will also be presenting at the Informa Novel Enzyme Targets and Pathways in London, UK on the subject of “Design and development of a novel series of HDAC inhibitors for the treatment of cancer and inflammation”. During his talk, Dr Shuttleworth will focus on Karus’s HDI programs, with unique subtype selectivities, for the treatment of inflammatory disease. Key in vivo efficacy data from these programs will be presented “We are pleased to have been invited to present our R&D progress at these meetings” said Dr Simon Kerry, Chief Executive of Karus Therapeutics, “we are making important progress towards a best-in-class HDAC inhibitor in cancer and inflammation and we have a strong pipeline of innovative programs”.

Karus is a development-stage pharmaceutical company with a mission to design, develop and partner innovative, best-in-class, molecular-targeted, small-molecule drugs to treat inflammation, immune disease and cancer. The company’s primary focus is the development of proprietary drugs that target epigenetic mechanisms and lipid kinase signaling. The outstanding potency and excellent tolerability of Karus’s HDAC inhibitors (HDI) represent an innovative approach to this important drug target and brings the promise of a new gold-standard in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and cancer.

Karus comprises a seasoned commercial and scientific team, with unrivalled experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector. This expertise has enabled the company to remain focused and to make efficient progress in its development programs. The company was formed in July 2005 to develop a new family of highly potent, optimized HDAC inhibitors that were identified at the University of Southampton and Cancer Research UK.